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Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

Welcome to heart and soul stables  

 Thank you for visiting our web site.  heart and soul stables is located near Carman, Manitoba, Canada in the very heart of North America.  We are a small, select breeder of registered miniature Mediterranean donkeys for show, pets, breeding, performance and therapy.  Our goal is to produce hardy registered miniature donkeys with exceptional conformation and personable temperaments in a variety of colors.  With this objective we have assembled a small, select herd of miniature Mediterranean donkeys from breeders throughout Canada and the United States in an effort to establish a diverse yet complimentary gene pool.  Our breeding stock comes from some of the best and most knowledgeable breeders in North America.  We plan each and every breeding to complement both sire and dam in an effort to improve upon the qualities of both parents. Foals are handled extensively from birth, halter trained and loved daily!


Why miniature donkeys?

 Miniature donkeys will capture your heart and nourish your soul.


Whether or not you have any experience with equines, miniature mediterranean donkeys are guaranteed to be a pleasant surprise.  Contrary to the myth that they are mean, stubborn and stupid, in reality they are gentle, affectionate, loyal, easy to train and extremely intelligent.  All of this in a small, easy to keep package.

Robert Green,  the first miniature donkey importer into the United States (New Jersey Farm) in 1929, described the character of miniature donkeys as follows; 
"Donkeys possess the affectionate nature of a Newfoundland, the resignation of a cow, the durability of a mule, the courage of a tiger and the intellectual capacity only slightly inferior to man's."

Our experience would have us add the therapeutic effect of miniature donkeys on humans whether stressed, handicapped or disabled and their ability to calm other animals as well.  With the natural calming and therapeutic value of these wonderful animals in mind, heart and soul stables was born.

In the words of Andy Merrifield, author, "The Wisdom of The Donkey", "You'll never know how much you need a donkey until you meet one."

In theses words we firmly believe.

Where are we?

Aerial view - heart and soul stables

 We are located in southern Manitoba, Canada, near the town of Carman, approximately 45 miles southwest of Winnipeg and 32 miles north of the Canada/United States border. Visitors are always welcome!  Please call ahead (204.745.3088) for directions to the farm.

Breaking News

Our website is currently being updated to include all of our sale donkeys. Please visit again in 7-10 days or give us a call at (204)745-3088. Thank you for your interest!

Our first donkey show at the Carman Country Fair was a success!  Please see the fall edition of the Canadian Donkey and Mule News for photos and an article about the show.

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Last Update - June 5, 2019

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